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Ho-Chunk Housing and Community Development Agency shall work to assure that our communities are affordable and safe by providing quality homes and services to our tenants and community members. HHCDA is united to work with other agencies in promoting self-sufficiency.

HHCDA is now offering Heating Assistance to Ho-Chunk Nation Members. This program is intended to assist Ho-Chunk Nation Households with energy assistance. This program is funded by the Ho-Chunk Nation and is not only for low income families.

Ho-Chunk Nation Households are eligible to receive up to $650 for energy assistance. Funds can be used to pay for the primary source of heat in your household, Natural Gas, Propane (LP), Fuel Oil, Wood and Electric. 

Applications can be emailed to

HHCDA provides community buildings in the following areas: Chakh-Ha-Chee, Blue Wing, Indian Heights, Indian Mission, and Dells Dam. These buildings were created to help meet the Ho-Chunk Nation’s social, cultural, and community needs. They are intended to accommodate various meetings, events, community gatherings, etc. HHCDA must approve all applications prior to the event.

HHCDA provides down payment assistance to eligible households. Specifically, low-to-moderate income Ho-Chunk (as well as American Indian and or Alaska Native) families with down payment and closing costs (up to $10,000) on the purchase of a safe, decent and sanitary house

As a part of the eligibility requirements for the down payment assistance program, HHCDA provides an 8-hour Native Pathways homebuyer education course. This course is designed to prepare prospective homebuyers navigate through the various aspects of buying a home. While this course is required for those applying for the down payment assistance program it is also open to anyone interested. For more information on this please contact Randall Mann at or Natasha Edwards at

HHCDA provides rental assistance to eligible households in the Chicago Metro area, Dane county, Milwaukee Metro area, and Twin Cities area. The program assists low and moderate income Ho-Chunk (as well as AIAN) households with their rent as specified in the Indian Housing Plan. The rental subsidy is available to a limited number of families and allows them to pay 30% of their income toward their monthly rent (minimum payment to households of $600 per month with a maximum of $1,200 per month depending on income levels). The program pays the balance of the rent to the landlord.

HHCDA provides rental assistance to eligible households with an adult member enrolled in a post-secondary education institution (must be enrolled full time). The program assists low and moderate-income Ho-Chunk (as well as AIAN) households with their rent, as specified in the Indian Housing Plan. The grant amount shall be a maximum of $500 of monthly rent, or $4,000/school year (8 months).

As part of the homebuyer down payment services, HHCDA offers eligible first-time-homebuyer families reimbursement for inspection services. These inspections must be performed by a certified state-licensed lead-risk assessor and state-licensed home inspector, respectively (please see Development section for more details).

HHCDA offers annual rental assistance to eligible households. The program assists low-income Ho-Chunk (as well as AIAN) households with one month’s rent (up to $700) as specified in the Indian Housing Plan.

HHCDA provides a forgivable loan for low-income tribal members up to $20,000 for necessary home repairs on stick-frame homes. The amount for repairs on trailer or mobile homes is limited to $7,500. These are the maximum lifetime loan amounts.

HHCDA provides a forgivable loan for low-income tribal members up to $7,500 for emergency home repairs on stick-frame and mobile homes.

The Ho-Chunk way of life holds veterans in high regard, and in response to those veterans’ needs, the Legislature appropriated funds for the construction and operation of a 10-unit Veterans Supportive Housing (VSH) facility in East Sand Pillow Village, Black River Falls, WI. HHCDA supervised construction and is the initial administrator of the program. The facility serves homeless and at-risk-of-homeless Ho-Chunk (as well as AIAN) veterans and provides them with decent housing and voluntary supportive services. The program recognizes that these veterans in need have courageously served our country and that it is important that they, who sacrificed for us, should have a safe, supportive place to live. The VSH facility is a place where veterans can receive health, substance-abuse, legal, financial-counseling, job-counseling, and other services.

VSH Mission Statement: It is the mission statement of the Veterans Supportive Housing project to nurture the growth and self-sufficiency of Ho-Chunk (and AIAN) veterans through client-driven services in a safe, stable environment, while strengthening our Ho-Chunk community and centering indigenous values.

For more information and/or to apply for any of these programs please review the respective application and policy provided on the forms page