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The mission of the Ho-Chunk Housing and Community Development Agency is to foster a strong, healthy community of which Ho-Chunk Nation members can be proud – through providing members with quality, affordable housing and programs that help meet the Ho-Chunk Nation’s social, cultural, and community needs.


PURPOSE: This form will allow to submit a work order to let HHCDA Maintenance staff know a problem exists. Please fill out the form and submit, be as detailed as possible in the description box about the problem you are encountering. 

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PURPOSE: This form will allow you to submit an incident report to let HHCDA Tenant Services Staff  problem exists. Please fill out the form and submit, be as detailed as possible in the description box about the problem you are encountering. 

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Applicants must complete the entire rental application and provide the following documents to establish eligibility:

  • Submit a COMPLETE rental application, sign and date in appropriate areas. Incomplete rental application will NOT be processed.
  • Submit Income Verification for all household members over the age of 18.
  • Submit copy of Tribal Identification Card and/or Certificate Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB).
  • Submit a copy of Social Security Cards for all family members in the household.
  • Everyone over 18 years of age must sign and date all Federal and HUD Forms.

Upon receipt complete application, all applicants will be screened for desirability.

Eligible applicants will be placed on a Waiting List. In order to remain on the Waiting List, it is the responsibility of the applicant to update their application on an annual basis. This is done by completing a Statement of Continued Interest form and returning it to the HHCDA office.

You are also able to download the packet by clicking the link below.

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PURPOSE: This program is for rent subsidy payments for Tribal Members living in Eau Claire WI, Dane WI, Milwaukee WI, Chicago Il, and Minneapolis MN. At present time HHCDA budgets vouchers per community for a period of 24 months of assistance. 

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PURPOSE: HHCDA provides rental assistance to eligible households with an adult member enrolled into post­secondary education institutions to assist low and moderate income American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) households with their rent. HHCDA will coordinate this program with and receive referrals from the Ho-Chunk Nation Department of Education. Applications will be reviewed, and assistance will be provided in accordance with the Post-Secondary Rental Assistance Policy. Completion of this application is NOT a guarantee of assistance.

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PURPOSE: The answers you give will be used to determine your eligibility for rental assistance. All information requested on this application must be provided to be considered for assistance. However, this application is not a guarantee of assistance. Applications are reviewed and assistance is provided based on factors such as, but not limited to funding, ability to positively resolve a situation, indications the crisis will not reoccur; and use of alternate funding sourced if available.


PURPOSE: The purpose of the Home Inspections Reimbursement Program is to assist low-to-moderate AIAN families with home inspection costs incurred in order to determine and identify potential health and safety issues in a residential property.

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This form is coming soon!


PURPOSE: This form will determine if you qualify for a veteran’s supportive housing rental subsidy. 

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